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People - Darren Rogers Retrospective Photography was my chair... By Michelle Dee
www.thisisUll.com, the alternative media website from Hull in England! This website is about people's lives and experiences - whoever they are - for us all to share. Every article, poem, story, review is contributed by you. Say what you feel, say it like it is. We do our best to publish everything you send to us. Please email your friends and send your stories to: contributions@thisisull.com.

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People - Darren Rogers Retrospective Photography was my chair... By Michelle Dee
I'm sitting with artist Darren Rogers, now in the second location in as many hours, with a soft drink, scribbling furiously... Darren is in full flow; thoroughly consumed by his favourite subject: images. 'A camera doesn't take the picture, same as a pencil doesn't do the drawing...' he says sagely, expanding on the notion of the artist as a vehicle... 'I use a camera, it's a tool', he continues. Read more...

People - Simon Binks By Michelle Dee
We are no strangers to sadness and loss on this site, we lost Elsie Creek in 2005 and Philip Barnes in 2010. On a cold wet windy Friday morn I learned about the loss of Simon Binks one of Hull's most popular musicians. I watched as the news spread across social media and hurt for all those people who were closest to him. Writing this now my eyes start to sting as the emotions of that day and days like it, come flooding back. Read more...

News, Arts - True Grit Poetry Cycle - Young Poets Wanted
From Bettys tea shops to the Hull docks, from the North Yorkshire Moors to the Cow and Calf Rocks, from Leeds’ urban bustle to Sheffield’s steel and tussle....Yorkshire voices will be live and direct to the camera as part of Yorkshire Festival 2014 and everybody has the chance to be one of them. The True Grit Poetry Cycle is a series of ten short digital films showcasing some of Yorkshire’s most exciting poetic voices. Read more...

Music Album Reviews - Kodaline: In a perfect world Reviewed by Melanie Fullard
When did you last hear a song that gave you goose bumps? I was in my local coffee shop recently, waiting for the trendy young assistant to stop gushing to her mate about her NFB (new fave band) Kodaline. I was just about to have a senior moment and ask her if there was any possibility of me getting my cappuccino before the milk went off, when Read more...

Articles - Love Letter Discovery Remembered in Song - 'Yours for Eternity' By Michelle Dee, Postcard Images Courtesy Walter Leake.
When a battered tin box containing a bundle of old letters, was found in an attic, no-one would have guessed at the tragic tale of wartime sweethearts fighting against the gravest threat to their union: a story that had lain hidden for almost a century, waiting to be told. A young courting couple, Henry Coulter and Lucy Townend from West Yorkshire, had their lives torn apart by the onset of World War I. Read more...

Articles - Memories of Hull By Rob Peaker.
Withernsea died a bit when railway went in '63. No more wheelbarrowing suitcases from 'The Station' to the caravan parks. A train trip to 'Ull always involved plodding around Hammonds and looking into Picadish to see if I could afford it Much later, arriving back in 'Ull to do a year's teacher training at the University where Mr. Larkin seemed to haunt the Library Read more...

News, Arts - Participants Wanted for Portrait Project
Artist/Photographer Darren Rogers is looking for members of the public to get involved in an artistic project that explores the idea of the portrait picture. The Hull artist is often to be found capturing the energy and essence of live music performance, as he photographs musicians at gigs across the city. Coming of age during the Brit Pop collision with Brit Art, the young artist was caught in the youthful energy Read more...

Fashion - Fashion: New Year; New You! 25% Discount Offer at Les Ciseaux Hair Stylists, Hull
It's not too late to start 2014 with a brand new look from professional stylists at Les Ciseaux! The popular salon on Clough Road in Hull is offering more bang for your buck with an exclusive 25% Discount for first time customers. Whatever you decide: cut and blow dry, new colour or style, Les Ciseaux will give you 25% off the total price. Read more...

News, Arts - Local Theatre Group Looking For Community Play Participants
Open Umbrella Theatre's latest play needs you! That is if you are aged between 16 and 100 and work or live in The Hessle Road area. The theatre is searching for participants for The Event; a new community play on Hessle Road. The play will be created by local writer James Brigden and members of the community. The content will focus on an honest portrayal of what Hessle Road is today Read more...

Poetry - The Ballads of Pete Seeger (1919-2014) By Patrick Henry
A house stayed at in far, dry hills of Spain;
Owned just one disc: America’s Favourite Ballads.
Seeger sang The Old Grey Goose. A strange sad song.
And Little Boxes: sniping at those caught tight in narrow ways.
Not open, the ways he lived; and brought wide horizons,

Music Reviews - The Sesh In Words and Pictures - Tuesday 4th February 2104 By Michelle Dee Photographs by Darren Rogers.
At times Craig's vocal style has echoes of Anthony and The Johnsons... that controlled falsetto, theatrical and tonal control that is 'sublime', to echo Mark Page's words. With a list of inspirations including Jeff Buckley (that one is evidenced in the voice, too) with The Pixies, Blonde Redheads and Radiohead all making sense now. Read more...

News, Arts - Start A Love Affair with Theatre with Heads Up Festival in Hull
Heads Up Festival coming to a venue near you in March/April 2014. Building on last years' successes, festival organisers Ensemble 52, have programmed their second festival of theatre with more innovative shows and pioneering performances to entice Hull crowds from different parts of the city to go and see theatre. Four BAC (Battersea Arts Centre) Read more...

News, Arts - Burlesque. Burlesque. Burlesque. By Ginger Lovelle (Howlin' Wolf Burlesque, Hull)
Everyone has heard of it, but few people actually know what it is. There is glitter, feathers, some pleasing dance moves and perhaps some tuneful singing and light hearted comedy. What more could a person ask for? Plus, a confident woman will inevitably shed some of her outer garments to reveal a chock full of body positivity and perhaps some strategically placed nipple tassles? Read more...

Reviews, Theatre Jungle Book By Indigo Moon Theatre Reviewed By Michelle Dee
'I wish I was a child again so I could enjoy it all the more,' somebody said to me as we left the Indigo Moon Studio having just seen Jungle Book. For the past hour the capacity crowd had been transported to a new world; a world where imagination and storytelling hold court and we, the audience, fall dutifully in line, swept along by the magic of possibility. Read more...

Places to Visit - Casa Yomanaki, San Diego, Nicaragua By Mark Hirkala
My name is Mark Hirkala. Along with my love, Yoan Benoit, we offer you an invitation to share the space we created here in San Diego, Nicaragua: Casa Yomanaki. We came to this area in 2009 and fell in love with it in a short time. Certainly you'll see that freedom here takes the place of worries as this is the safest country in Central America. Read more...

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