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News - Open for Submissions, the alternative media website from Hull in England! This website is about people's lives and experiences - whoever they are - for us all to share. Every article, poem, story, review is contributed by you. Say what you feel, say it like it is. We do our best to publish everything you send to us. Please email your friends and send your stories to:

Latest Comments
Poetry - We Are Hull By Mr. Watson
We are HULL
A heartbeat
Built with hands
Trod by feet
Tides wash
They ebb and flow
Like life itself.

Reviews, Theatre - A Christmas Treasure Island at Hull Truck Theatre By Steve Rudd
A festive treat for all the family, A Christmas Treasure Island suavely swiped the best elements of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ classic, ushering the swashbuckling story into the modern age with the most seasonal of twists. Young Jem Hawkins (played perfectly by Annabel Betts) was feeling left out by her family, not least because a baby girl had just been born into the family. Read more...

Poetry - KuH'68 By Bernard Allon
on the quayside
in a winter morning’s iced air
a boy
crying

Fiction - Vampire City By Joe Hakim
You don’t sleep on a night, not really. Instead, you just sit there, drifting between being not-quite-awake and not-quite asleep. You’ve always got one eye open, because you don’t know who or what is out there. You might have to pack up your shit at a moment’s notice and scarper. The town centre doesn’t sleep, doesn’t need it. Read more...

Poetry - All Roads Lead to Bishop Lane by Laura Fry
There’s a street in my dear town I can’t forget
Its name invokes in me
Feelings of pleasure and regret
The pleasure of the happiest of times
Regret at leaving for continental climes
My first sight of it was in 1998

Poetry - Derby Day by Andy H Hems
These unrefined Northerners
Outside their watering holes,
(Silver Cod, Malt Shovel,
Parkers et al) half working-class,
Half dole but altogether in
Skewed cohesion and clashing

People - An interview with Lisa Ronson
By Steve Rudd Photograph © Matt Thompson 2016
As the daughter of legendary rock guitarist, Mick Ronson, it’s little wonder that Lisa Ronson has wound up in the music industry. Having released her debut album in 2015, she has had an extremely busy twelve months. Here, in an exclusive interview with Pulse author Steve Rudd, she looks ahead to another busy year...

News - Open for Submissions began life in 2003 as a platform for the community of Hull and soon established itself at the forefront of the user generated content revolution on the web. As 2017 beckons, will once again become an essential media platform for the Arts responding to the city’s ever changing cultural landscape. Read more...

News, Arts - Jawbreaker by Mike Watts Book Launch – Monday 29 June 2015
A new collection of poems by Hull author Mike Watts will be launched at Pave Bar on Princes Avenue, Hull on Monday 29 June 2015. From the author of Coming to a Street Near You and Day and Night in the Damaged Goods Factory comes Jawbreaker. His third book in five years, Jawbreaker is the brand new collection from the forthright Hull writer Read more...

Fiction - Dead Meat By Kirsten Pell
‘Now how about that drink?’ Jack wasn’t about to argue. With shaking hands he took the nearest bottle of spirits from the shelf behind him. ‘Cointreau! Are you having a laugh?’ The man glared at him ‘Sorry.’ This time he looked at the bottles. A superficial part of his brain noted the names. ‘Bacardi, Vodka, Jack Daniels.’ He grabbed the last and tentatively held it up. ‘Better.’ The man barked. Read more...

Reviews, Theatre Danza! Collaboration: A Winning Combination By Dark Clerk Images by Phillip Rhodes and Anna Bean
Sold out show proves there is an audience for contemporary dance in Hull. Ambitious. Experimental. Hugely enjoyable: Just a few of the words being used to describe Danza! Collaborations; Hull's annual showcase of contemporary dance. Each year the bar gets raised and this year was no different. Danza! Founder, Jo Ashbridge Read more...

Poetry - The bicycle-bell Bird By John Cuthbert Hayton
In natural history books
You’ll find a lot of information
To keep the human race in mind
Of the animal creation
Now there’s a bird which I have heard

News, Arts - Jo Ashbridge 'Going Places' TURN Prize Winner 2014
In April this year, Jo Ashbridge a dancer from Hull, won the Turn Prize 2014 in Manchester with her multimedia performance piece, Going Places. Dividing her time between the North West and Hull, Jo curates and organises Danza!: the annual showcase of Contemporary Dance staged in Hull. Read more...

Places to Visit - Haworth 1940's War Weekend By Melanie Fullard
Haworth is a lovely town situated in rural West Yorks. It's also home of the famous Bronte sisters. The sun has got his hat on as we arrive on a lovely Sunday morning and pay the local land army girls for our parking. From there we're directed to the local station and free vintage shuttle bus to take us to the top of the village and main show ground. Read more...

News, Arts - Help Yourself To An XXXL Dance Show
The Non Applicables invite you to an XXXL night on Friday 11th July 2014 at Fruit on Humber Street in Hull. The dance artists Sian Myers and Fenella Ryan, are known for their crossover work that comments on contemporary culture and societies' trends as they say 'in a straight-talking and humourous way'. Since forming in 2011, Non Applicables have showcased work at Read more...

Articles - Where is Hull School of Art and Design?
By Michelle Dee.
I, like many, was shocked and saddened Friday May 23rd, as news reports came out announcing that Glasgow School of Art was going up in flames. A historic building designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the School has a rich tradition of producing artists with international reputations. The damage to the building is thankfully not as bad as first feared, Read more...

Reviews, Comedy Lucy Twerks It Out For Hull Audience By Michelle Dee. Lucy Beaumont photos by Mark Richardson
Attended my first ever Stand Up show last night. It was Lucy Beaumont upstairs at Union Mash Up, trying out a few things before she heads off for the wilds of the Edinburgh Fringe, with her new show We Can Twerk It Out. With her winning smile, blonde hair piled high on her head, wearing a lilac zip-up hoody, Lucy Beaumont is every bit the girl next door, and she is warmly welcomed back to her hometown by the Hull audience. Read more...

Reviews, Theatre Students Take On Promenade Theatre By Michelle Dee
Promenade theatre for a schools production is rather ambitious; however Mr. Wood (Drama Teacher at St. Mary’s) is developing quite a reputation for presenting challenging work. Our Day Out written by Willy Russell is relocated from impoverished Liverpool to a modern day secondary school in Hull as the audience join students and staff on an eventful trip to Scarborough. Read more...

News, Arts - Why It Will Be Church For Me In September By Michelle Dee
This September Holy Trinity Church are to showcase and celebrate Hull's creative talent in a three week long festival of events and performances. Read about the modest photographer who has been inspired by the musicians in the city to give something back. I think I first met him hovering in a doorway in St. Johns at Tuesday at the Tap open mic night. Then he popped up all over my newsfeed sharing Read more...

People - Marcel Craven is Playing Games With You By Michelle Dee
The show takes its name from the Peter Gabriel song, Games Without Frontiers. The world and words of Marcel Craven kept me company on social news-feeds throughout 2012/2013: curious four or five line prose pieces that served as a window in to the mind of the Hull creator. There was a cool longing present within the text; a yearning, a striving to create and to succeed: even if the success is just .. Read more...

Opinions - Bombshell for Blondes on Local Film Set By Melanie Fullard
As you may have heard, there's a movie crew in town filming Girl's Night Out, a British film centred around the VE Day celebrations on May 8th 1945. The main characters are Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret who, it is said, went into London dancing on that very night. Hull's old town is being transformed to resemble iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and the Ritz. Read more...

Music Album Reviews - Sir Lucas and the Moon by Zoe Bestel Reviewed by Michelle Dee
Zoe Bestel's debut album, Sir Lucas and the Moon is full of gorgeous vocals - rich and sonorous - accompanying herself on the ukulele. Listening to the album, the standout tracks for me are Lucas, Butterflies and the reprise of Winter Song that closes the album. Exciting and fresh with vocal control beyond her years, a sound rooted and grounded in old folk traditions; and just like her folk sisters before her, Zoe Bestel has the power and presence to be achingly beautiful. Read more...

Fiction - Following the Bomb By David Newman
We were in a post-war council estate, only a couple of hundred yards - as the shrapnel flies - from the scene of last month's explosion. Looking down the street, the bright sunlight glinted off the few surviving windows and I saw the car carrying the bomb approaching. Perfect timing. A silver Ford Fiesta, one of the many thousands which won't merit a second glance; as boring and forgettable as you could find. Read more...

People - Darren Rogers Retrospective Photography was my chair... By Michelle Dee
I'm sitting with artist Darren Rogers, now in the second location in as many hours, with a soft drink, scribbling furiously... Darren is in full flow; thoroughly consumed by his favourite subject: images. 'A camera doesn't take the picture, same as a pencil doesn't do the drawing...' he says sagely, expanding on the notion of the artist as a vehicle... 'I use a camera, it's a tool', he continues. Read more...

People - Simon Binks By Michelle Dee
We are no strangers to sadness and loss on this site, we lost Elsie Creek in 2005 and Philip Barnes in 2010. On a cold wet windy Friday morn I learned about the loss of Simon Binks one of Hull's most popular musicians. I watched as the news spread across social media and hurt for all those people who were closest to him. Writing this now my eyes start to sting as the emotions of that day and days like it, come flooding back. Read more...

News, Arts - True Grit Poetry Cycle - Young Poets Wanted
From Bettys tea shops to the Hull docks, from the North Yorkshire Moors to the Cow and Calf Rocks, from Leeds’ urban bustle to Sheffield’s steel and tussle....Yorkshire voices will be live and direct to the camera as part of Yorkshire Festival 2014 and everybody has the chance to be one of them. The True Grit Poetry Cycle is a series of ten short digital films showcasing some of Yorkshire’s most exciting poetic voices. Read more...

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