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iPoetry Application Version 3.0
(£0.59 with publishing updates)
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iPoetryLite Application Version 1.0 (Free without publishing updates)
iPoetry celebrates the spoken word, the sound and rhythm of language, in a fun, simple, and entertaining way to enjoy your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

iPoetry features an eclectic mix of poetry covering many subject areas from independent poets with new contributions published regularly in both text and video formats, insights into life experiences from different points of view, humor, delight, a deep emotion and connection with poets thoughts lives and culture. 

Version 3
Version 3 offers an improved user experience and a further 2 volumes of Phillip Larkin poems and inspired poetry.

Totaling 47 unique poets and over 150 poems including videos, Version 3 includes new sorting by title author and date, flicking through 4 poetry collections, book marking your favorites is fast and simple.

  • Tilt Scrolling
  • Comments
  • Four Volumes of Poetry
  • Performance Poetry Video
  • Customized Navigation
  • Variable Text Size
  • Email Integration
iPoetry for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch is a £1.19 download in the iTunes App Store.
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Poetry Submissions
If you would like to have your poetry considered for inclusion in the iPoetry Application, email it to us at iphone@thisisUll.com along with any original photograph and/or youtube link to your video. Publication is a free service for all contributors.
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Latest Tab Poetry
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Publish Notification
To receive notification of new publication follow http://twitter.com/iPoetry.
Help & Support
Have a problem or suggestion? Send us an email about feature requests, bug reports, or general help or questions.
Frequently Asked Questions
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