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Asia, Iraq, Poetry
My Beloved Country
By Michelle Dee

A state of emergency has been announced
just like those years before
Ever since they invaded and started
this bloody war.

Nazim my lover I lost him,
when they blew him up,
ten years now without a man
just my bloody luck.

Tariq's two left to fight,
only last week.
Shona's face was deathly
white, she couldn't even speak.

The bombs fall thick and fast the
sirens shriek on and on
The water pipes are drained dry
the food is almost gone

My boys are too young to fight
but that didn't keep them safe
chained to a line of tanks
that's where they met their fate.
Death would be a gift for me
now I am alone.
I pray to the prophet Mohammed
to take me for his own.

I look through the blackened shutter
see the totem pole in the square
It appeared over night covered
with notes, of hope and despair.
Why do they bomb my beloved country
it is the seed that is bad not the fruit.
Fight the infidel at Baghdad gate I'd rather
die now I know the truth.

It is not the western world we fear but
our own beloved leader
We cried for liberty he fed us lies
he killed, maimed and poisoned his own kind.
Now my beloved country
coloured gold and red
the bodies in the desert stained
with the blood he has shed.

Pre-Iraqi War 2003

Copyright © Michelle Dee 2004


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