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Arsen Shomakhov & Ragtime Blues Band
Russian guitar player, singer and songwriter Arsen Shomakhov formed the blues band Ragtime in 1991.

The music of this guitar trio can be described as a mixture of contemporary electric blues, funk and rock.
Over the last 3 years Arsen Shomakhov and Ragtime became one of the leading acts on the Russian blues scene.

The band first participated in the St-Petersburg (Russia) Neva Delta blues festival, which in 2001 led to a series of gigs at the best blues venues of Moscow.

In April 2002 Arsen Shomakhov and Ragtime blues band released their debut album "Heavy Steppin'". The album received good press and has enjoyed international and national airplay:
BBC, England - program "Raw Talent" Radio Ridderkerk, Netherlands - program "Bluezy"
Australia - programs "Blues Beat", "Blues Kitchen", "Talking music"
Radio Holstebro, Denmark, program "Black roots"
FM Buenos-Aires, Argentina - program "Goodtime blues"
Radio Echo of Moscow, Russia - program "All that Blues"
Radio Arsenal, Moscow, Russia - program "The New Blues"
Radio of Russia - program "Dr. Blues"
In May 2003 the band received an award at the All-Russia Spring 2003 Blues Festival in Moscow, and was invited to participate in early September 2003 in The First International Moscow Blues Festival, sponsored by Ochakovo-Beer (Moscow).
Other artistes included Jimmy D. Lane (USA), Knock-out Greg & Blue Weather (Sweden) and B.B. & The Blues Shacks (Germany).

The second album of the band entitled "Troublemaker" was released in September 2003. The presentation of the album took place at the renowned Forte blues club in Moscow on December 4, 2003.

The album was included in Top 25 albums of December 2003 and January 2004 of the Australian "Blues Beat" program. http://www.waltech.com.au/bluesbeat/chart.htm
"Troublemaker" is now considered to be one of the best Russian blues records.
Arsen Shomakhov - guitar, vocals
Aslan Zhantuyev - Bass
Sultanbek (Bek) Mamyshev - drums
Grigory Martirosyan - tenor sax 3, 5, 10
For more details contact Arsen Shomakhov:
E-mail: shomakhov@yahoo.com
Mob: +7 928 941 8715
Web: ragtime.blues.ru


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