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Poetry, Australasia, Australia
Interviews - Tony Bates - 3WBC 94.1 FM - Cereal Listening.
Tony Bates is a presenter and station librarian at 3WBC 94.1 FM, a community radio station in Melbourne, Australia.
I was introduced to him by Glenn Williams (Lazyswede Productions) whose tireless work has, as Tony puts it , seemed to have opened up a few OZ airwaves for new UK talent.

Tony is one of the many radio DJs all over the world who welcome and encourage UK bands and musicians to send their music for airplay on his station.
I asked Tony for some background on himself and 3WBC. He's done a lot! Here's what he had to say ..
3WBC has a general play list but prides itself on playing demos/promos from unsigned and or independent bands from all over the world. As a Community Radio Station, 3WBC is able to do this as we have NO commercial pressures nor set play lists; every presenter is entitled to play his/her choice of music whilst they are on air mixed in with various local, national and international interviews as well as announcing local community items and news.

There are many stations throughout Australia like 3WBC, and they are all self funded and run as not-for-profit organisations. Any sponsorship fees are automatically channelled back into the station, thus allowing better equipment to be bought or current equipment to be upgraded.
We currently receive many demos and promos from countries as diverse as the Philippines, Ireland, UK, America, Canada, France, Poland, Greece, Japan, Russia and New Zealand, to name but a few.
All promos/demos received go to air (unless they are of a very poor quality) and due recognition is given to the artist/band/label/website. We would welcome more material from the UK whatever the musical genre, as we rotate everything from Classics, to Jazz (in all its forms), pop (in all its forms), folk, world, country etc.
As far as my own background is concerned, I was in bands throughout the 60's and early 70's, playing bass guitar. The bands were all based in North Wales and we used to travel across to Chester, Liverpool, Shrewsbury, Oswestry and into Mid Wales. We had residencies at Butlins in Pwllheli and at the Portmeirion Hotel in N. Wales.
The bands had very 60's names such as The Buchaneers, The Pharaohs, Pluto's People, The Satisfied Minds, Rubber Fountain and Sam. Two singles were released with The Satisfied Minds and Pluto's People, which sank without trace!
At the end of that period I left to live in Rhodesia and then moved down to South Africa eventually. After a period of time there I then left for the UK, where I could not resettle and hence ended up in Australia.

As a presenter and librarian with 3WBC, I have been actively involved in all sorts of interviews and promotions for a variety of up and coming bands and view myself as a 'mini' John Peel, as I , like him refuse to grow musically old and will continue to chase innovative sounds from all over the globe!
Check Out
On 3WBC 94.1 FM
The Voice Of The Inner East

If you would like to send your band's demo out to Tony, here's his address:

Tony Bates
Station Librarian
3WBC 94.1 FM
PO Box 159
Victoria 3128


Get in touch.
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Europe, Spain, Articles - Madrid
The last time I wrote on this site was about alcoholism and an experience of my first job with a new company. Since then I've probably travelled to Paris about three times, Munich, Florence and spent last week working in Madrid. It was supposed to be a normal work trip away; Fly in, start work in the afternoon and then have two days to complete for a show starting Read more...

Australasia, Australia, Poetry - Untitled
By Maurice Fairfield.
There's a whisper and it's rising to a mutter
There's a mutter and it's growing to a growl
And the growl is getting louder
And the one's who chant it prouder
And the growl is building up into a howl

Europe, UK, Poetry - THE PHOTOGRAPH
By David Burt.
I awakened rather early from a strange and fitful sleep
And glanced toward the clock whereby my darling's photograph I keep,
My bleary eye did focus, not on the clock, but her,
The photograph did fill my eyes, whilst around, the room did blur.
She sat there staring at me from out of a gilt edged frame
And in the silence of that room, I heard her call Read more...

Australasia, Australia, Poetry - Ah, Look At All The
Frightened People. By Maurice Fairfield.
Ah, look at all the frightened people
John Winston Howard
Leading us all by the nose
till we're next for the chop
Look at him smiling
Heaping it on with a spade
while he's stirring us up
Why does he do it?

Australasia, Australia, Poetry - Somebody and Pictures
at an Auction By Maurice Fairfield.
Somebody sentenced me to life some time ago.
For something I can't remember doing.
Now as my sentence dwindles to its close,
Freedom no longer pulls me as it did.
My cell though cramped, is cosy,
And the meals arrive on time.
Also, I have grown used to them.
I have some cell-mates.

Europe, UK, Poetry - A PORTRAIT OF MY LOVE
By David Burt.
I preserve her beautiful countenance
In the recesses of my mind
A fairer, sweeter, kinder face
I know I shall not find.
I jealously guard that flimsy image
With the very being of my life
And draw comfort as I gaze inwardly
At that picture of my wife.

Europe, UK, Poetry - To One Far Away by David Burt.
May these words of mine reach out to you
And rekindle memories we both shared
May they reflect the consuming thought
Of a love, we long ago declared.
May the spark of my undying passion
Underline these things I have to say,
Oh how I wish you were in my arms
Instead of being far away.

Europe, UK, Poetry - A New Day Dawning by David Burt.
Drink deep the sweet cold mountain air
Feast thine eye upon the new born sun
Watch it rise 'ere its burning glory
Warms the earth for everyone.
Face the tasks that have been allotted
Awake thy bretheren from their sleep
Lead them to those pastures promised

North America, USA, Music Reviews, Musicians
give back to hometown children in the arts charity with compilation CD.
Artists and Musicians with roots in Southern Kentucky recently came together in the recording studio to benefit the Son Rhea Foundation, a children and the arts charity. The CD compilation project, dubbed Jambodians, features Grammy winners Sam Bush, Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters) Read more...

Australasia, Australia, Poetry - Rosedale Chimney Hill
By Maurice Fairfield.
Long ago in a different time
The World seemed bright and shiny new.
My chin still wore downy fuzz,
My eyes saw clearly, straight and true.
Though money was scarce I had my share
Of strengths and skills, and loads to bear
Could never crush inside my heart,
The love of life abiding there.

Europe, Sweden, Music Reviews - Culloden
By Fredrik Joachimsson
My Name is Fredrik Joachimsson from Sweden. I formed my band Culloden in 2002, and we've been rehearsing since. Not a single show have we played yet! I've worked hard to get the sound that I wanted, both on the CD's that I produce and with the guys that I play with! Throughout these two years I believe I've changed a lot musically. It started when my first keyboard .. Read more...

Europe, Uk, Music - Watch out for bogus competitions on
the Internet By Glenn Williams (Lazyswede Productions)
Back in 1998 I saw on the internet a song writing competition and decided to read more about it. The more I read, the better it sounded but something in the back of my head told me something was not right with this! I decided to email them and they replied sending me the entry forms and a short note stating that this year the competition was free! Read more...

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