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A nightmare at the Rönne River bar Sweden -
Confusion From L:A
By P.O. Rydeström
We had been given a gig at a pub in a small town called Ängelholm in the south of Sweden.

This was after the owner of the pub had heard about our three piece band, comprising of two guitarists and I on saxophone and this bar was called the "Rönne River bar".
It was in the middle of the summer and we weren't exactly looking forward to playing in a smoke filled pub on such a hot night.

We packed our gear into the car and off we went.
When we finally arrived, this being our first gig at this pub, we were amazed to see it really was by the side of the river and there were people everywhere outside at tables and they sat on the grass some people even had there feet in the water and believe me it was a night that we rather would have just jumped in the cool water and stayed there.
Well, we went there and found the owner of the pub after we had carried all the gear in and then he decided he wanted us to play outside instead.

"GREAT" remove all the gear which we did and after finally setting up the equipment outdoors we eventually sat down to have a nice cold beer before starting the first set of 3.

Well the first song started and we got to the first chorus and Glenn the singer/guitarist in the band snapped his "B" string .H continued to play with the ends of the broken string hanging loose and when we had finished the number he quickly changed guitars to the spare we always took with us.
After that we had to settle down and just hope that, that was all for the evening and nothing else would go wrong.

Yes well I should not have said that because we had gone about 3 chords into the next song when Glenn's "A" string broke. So by now Glenn was getting pretty uptight so we stopped playing and apologised for the delay and we would resume as soon as possible.

Glenn and "Christer" the other guitar player in the band each replaced a string on the two guitars, a quick tune and we were ready to start.
Well the rest of the set went well and we took our deserved break but after about 2 minutes into the break Glenn suddenly jumped up and just ran off towards the pub.

Of course we followed to see what was wrong and we found him in the toilet with his head down the pan being sick, so we left him to it and returned to our instruments.

When he finally returned he was so pale he looked like death warmed up, but he said he was ok and we started the next set.
Now everything was going great and we got into the 3rd song of the set when there was an almighty bang which made all of us jump and both me and christer turned to see Glenn shrouded in a large plume of smoke and he was cursing like we had never heard him curse before.

We soon realised that his multi-effects box had exploded.
He was by now not amused, not to put too fine a point on it and he simply unplugged his guitar took the effects box.
Eventually we were just about to play the final set when two nice polite Swedish police officers came in the gate by the side of us and asked us to stop playing.

We continued playing until they asked in a more stern way. This time we stopped. They then proceeded to go to the pub, after a few minutes they returned with the owner.
He said there had been a neighbour complaining about the noise and that we had to turn down the sound or pack it in.

While the two police officers were there, we turned down the sound and started to play. After 1 more song they said it was still too loud, so we turned down the sound yet again.

Finally they agreed it was ok and they left. Then we finished the set.

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A nightmare at the Rönne River bar Sweden - Confusion From L:A continued
By P.O. Rydeström
We were just starting to pack up when the owner of the pub asked could we play another set and he would pay us a little bit extra for it.

We thought; Why not? Everything that could go wrong has done so! And that was that. Glenn yet again ran off and spent the break with his head down the pan.
Christer and I sat there in total disbelief. This was one of the best music venues in Sweden and we had waited so long to get invited to play here.

We knew this was going to be the one and only time we would ever perform here.

Well, Glenn returned and we started to play and by this time everyone in the audience was pretty well inebriated and were all up dancing.

We got 3 songs into the set and YES!!! The police returned. They told us to turn it down even more because they had now had even more complaints about the sound.

Not to put it too finely we were almost playing without any sound because it was already so damn low.

Christer just said "F##k IT" and turned the sound system off and we played the rest of the set acoustically and I played only sub tones on the sax. Boy were we happy to get the last song over and done with!
We packed away our equipment quicker than ever before, because we didn't want any complaints about us being so bad.

Well after everything was neatly packed away in the car we went into the pub to see about our wages and the owner stood there with his hands full of cash.

After handing it over he took our hands one by one and shook them he told us it was one of the best gigs he had had there in a long time.

He had exceeded the takings in the tills at the bar and to our surprise he asked if we could come back the following month...
Well the three of us looked at each other shook our heads and said sorry we have prior bookings for some time forward. We said goodbye and we left. We left the gig from hell and never returned!

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