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Music Feature Glen Williams
Europe, Uk, Music - Watch out for bogus competitions on the
Internet. By Glenn Williams (Lazyswede Productions)
Back in 1998 I saw on the internet a song writing competition and decided to read more about it.

The more I read, the better it sounded but something in the back of my head told me something was not right with this!

I decided to email them and they replied sending me the entry forms and a short note stating that this year the competition was free!
Yes, it would not cost you the usual $30 entry fee for each song submitted, so I decided to enter (but I knew the risk I was taking) so I sent them three songs on a CD and entered them and that was that.

After about 3 weeks past the closing date and the draw for the 5 winners, I read their names - low and behold, by some strange coincidence it was exactly the same names as the previous year's winners.

And they of course had won a day in a recording studio and this company were going to plug the CD's to all the major people in the music industry.
Well the following year they contacted me and asked me if I wished to take part but this time due to the high demand from songwriters their usual $30 fee had gone up to $100 per song! Yes you did read it correctly!
I declined but I kept a track on this company and their competition and after the competition was once again over; low and behold the same people had won it yet again.
This time they had put a list of all the entrants into this competition. They'd had over 200 people from around the world at $100 for each song entered.

Most of them had entered 3 songs. Now that's a lot of money and there's no other explanation: My dear friends, IT WAS BOGUS!

Well I can gladly tell you this competition no longer runs. I guess they got caught up in their own greed.

You have to be so careful of these competitions if they are actually registered outside your own country.
You can soon find out because they will give the full details of where and whom they are registered with and normally they are affiliated to some of the major music corporations or Song Writing Associations.
For a young songwriter these are a temptation and even though they might not have a lot of money it is so easy to get sucked in with the wonderful prizes that they offer.

So if you get offered the chance to take part in such a competition, do your homework and check up on the company.
See if it is genuine before you enter.

Don't part with your money unless you have so much you can afford to throw it away.


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