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Featured Poetry
Featured Poet Carol Coiffait has published widely in magazines and anthologies, including Star Trek - the poems (Iron Press). Parent (Enitharmon) and Bag of Stars (Hands Up). A well-known local author, Carol writes with intelligence and compassion across a wide range of themes from the personal to the political.

Carol also features on Humber Mouth Literature Festival 2003 from www.thisisull.com
Photographs courtsey and Copyright © Hugo Schlecter

Europe, UK, Poetry - HERRING GULL
By Carol Coiffait

The wind is an artist. It turns the pages
indicating which words I should use.
The silent blackbird and the loud-mouthed
gull are artists too. They give me words
for movement, for appearances and

Europe, UK, Poetry - Between The Lines
By Carol Coiffait
Between the need for nicotine
and a trip upstairs, I forget
what it is I wanted to say.
Between the wine and coffee
I forget who I am and slip
inside your skin, your country,
breathe mountain air, taste honey

By Carol Coiffait
The South Wind is a laddish lover:
He fends me off, pushing me back on myself
afraid of his own reflection in my green silk
gown, as I go sliding through the town.
I skirt the tanneries, the snags on rusted hulls,
the miles of fine silt, patterned by rats
and gulls..I'm craving for the real mud-flats,

Europe, UK, Poetry - OVERHEARD ON TOP OF
I know it's a long way from Venice,
but I'd say that sky is pure Canaletto.
You what? Stick a few mature trees under it,
say some English oak and elm, an old-style
farmer and his dog, a cart piled high with hay
pulled by a horse from a brewery dray
and it's a bloody Constable.

Europe, UK, Poetry - AMOR VINCIT O By Carol Coiffait
Over the greasy cobbles of their youth
at night, they sometimes risk it; arm
in arm and slow as spring-time
seeking out the truth, the depth
of friendship in the nearest bars.
But once a week, on pension day
never mind the weather, they lock

Europe, UK, Poetry - Mermaid By Carol Coiffait
She swam beyond the realms of possibility
Lazed her days away in chilly pride
With such utter equanimity, that the North
Wind blew her back into hot water.
Well, she was her Mother's daughter
In a Pacific, non-specific sort of way
And she craved the lick of an ice-berg

Europe, UK, Poetry - Shingle Street By Carol Coiffait
Of course the waves help
She uses them for lift-off.
Out, past where they break
She waits for the seventh one
See, it's bigger than all the rest.
She leaps astride her boneless horse
And it lifts and flings her beach wards.

Europe, UK, Poetry - SINGING THE SPRING By Carol Coiffait
Be quick, be quick, be quick.
The thrush in May has no time for sorrow.
It sings in the wind on the only tree
left clinging to the ruined cliff.
Hawthorn, briar and furze,
salt-bitten grass, have all let go to slide
beach wards- whole allotments

Europe, UK, Poetry - Poem For November By Carol Coiffait
In 1914
Austria declared war on Serbia
Germany declared war on Russia
Germany declared war on France
Germany declared war on Belgium
Great Britain and therefore Canada, India,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Newfoundland


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