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Poetry, Europe, UK
By David Burt.
I awakened rather early from a strange and fitful sleep
And glanced toward the clock whereby my darling's photograph I keep,
My bleary eye did focus, not on the clock, but her,
The photograph did fill my eyes, whilst around, the room did blur.
She sat there staring at me from out of a gilt edged frame
And in the silence of that room, I heard her call my name.
Gently, firmly, calling me to an appointment I must keep
Arousing, and yes disturbing my somewhat fitful sleep.
I closed my eyes and lay a while and listened to that voice,
There was no doubt I knew it well, it was my darling Joyce.
The realisation awakened me, my eyes did open wide,
I slowly turned and searched the room, fear gripped me from inside.
As my gaze traversed that lonely cell, the voice did call me still,
Firmly and persistently, those words my mind did fill.
The lonely echo of my name resounded in my head,
A cold strange breeze blew round the room, but disturbed me not in bed.

My gaze was once more drawn to that gilt edged picture frame,
And I swear I saw her lips move as once more I heard my name.
We then had a conversation through the power of the mind,
As I gazed into those eyes, so soft, so brown, so kind.
The spoken thoughts were garbled, but there meaning, crystal clear,
She reassured me that all was well and that I had no need to fear.
Her smile and relaxed posture convinced me that this was right,
She told me she'd been watching me and understood my plight.

She understood the sorrow that filled my aching heart,
She said "Time is not forever, we won't always be apart."
The longing that is within me welled like aq lava stream,
The agony poured forth from me in a long, yet silent scream.
That soothing voice kept calling, bringing peace to my tortured brain
"We shall get back together love, we shall be one again."
Her love flowed through my being and filled a great abyss,
I reached out, picked up her photograph, and gave my wife a kiss.

Copyright © David Burt 2004


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Europe, UK, Poetry - To One Far Away by David Burt.
May these words of mine reach out to you
And rekindle memories we both shared
May they reflect the consuming thought
Of a love, we long ago declared.
May the spark of my undying passion
Underline these things I have to say,
Oh how I wish you were in my arms
Instead of being far away.

Europe, UK, Poetry - A New Day Dawning by David Burt.
Drink deep the sweet cold mountain air
Feast thine eye upon the new born sun
Watch it rise 'ere its burning glory
Warms the earth for everyone.
Face the tasks that have been allotted
Awake thy bretheren from their sleep
Lead them to those pastures promised

Australasia, Australia, Poetry - Rosedale Chimney Hill
By Maurice Fairfield.
Long ago in a different time
The World seemed bright and shiny new.
My chin still wore downy fuzz,
My eyes saw clearly, straight and true.
Though money was scarce I had my share
Of strengths and skills, and loads to bear
Could never crush inside my heart,
The love of life abiding there.

Asia, Iraq, Poetry - My Beloved Country
By Michelle Dee.
A state of emergency has been announced
just like those years before
Ever since they invaded and started
this bloody war.
Nazim my lover I lost him,
when they blew him up,

Europe, UK, Poetry - AMOR VINCIT O By Carol Coiffait
Over the greasy cobbles of their youth
at night, they sometimes risk it; arm
in arm and slow as spring-time
seeking out the truth, the depth
of friendship in the nearest bars.
But once a week, on pension day
never mind the weather, they lock

Europe, UK, Poetry - Poem For November By Carol Coiffait
In 1914
Austria declared war on Serbia
Germany declared war on Russia
Germany declared war on France
Germany declared war on Belgium
Great Britain and therefore Canada, India,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Newfoundland

Africa, Poetry - Mosi Oa Tunya
by Michelle Dee Clark
Smoke that thunders, masking the coming storm
Young men of Chinoyi disappear
Men and women tortured for telling the truth
Tyrannical regime, that's what they fear
And who, are they?

North America, Poetry - Guantanamo
by Lee Cassanell
The Lord is my Shepherd
And I am his Sheep

He keeps me in Chains
And he watches me sleep


Europe, UK, Poetry - Mermaid By Carol Coiffait
She swam beyond the realms of possibility
Lazed her days away in chilly pride
With such utter equanimity, that the North
Wind blew her back into hot water.
Well, she was her Mother's daughter
In a Pacific, non-specific sort of way
And she craved the lick of an ice-berg

Europe, UK, Poetry - Shingle Street By Carol Coiffait
Of course the waves help
She uses them for lift-off.
Out, past where they break
She waits for the seventh one
See, it's bigger than all the rest.
She leaps astride her boneless horse
And it lifts and flings her beach wards.

Europe, UK, Poetry - SINGING THE SPRING By Carol Coiffait
Be quick, be quick, be quick.
The thrush in May has no time for sorrow.
It sings in the wind on the only tree
left clinging to the ruined cliff.
Hawthorn, briar and furze,
salt-bitten grass, have all let go to slide
beach wards- whole allotments

  Europe, Uk, Poetry
Carol Coiffait
Photographs by
Andy Hogben
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Kurdish HASSG Lions and Qandil
Weekly look at this Kurdish and Qandil teams progress.
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Riley Band

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