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Musicians give back to hometown children in the arts charity with compilation CD.
Artists and Musicians with roots in Southern Kentucky recently came together in the recording studio to benefit the Son Rhea Foundation, a children and the arts charity.

The CD compilation project, dubbed Jambodians, features Grammy winners Sam Bush, Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters) and Curtis Burch along with Bill Lloyd, Tommy Womack, Jonell Mosser and more than forty others.
The majority of the Bluegrass to Blues, Celtic to Pop, Country to Rock and Roll project was recorded at Sound Wave Studio in Nashville TN by Grammy winning producer and engineer Richard Adler.
The Jambodians are those who spent their musically formative years in the Bowling Green KY area performing original music during the 70's and early 80's.

Bands such as New Grass Revival (Sam Bush, Curtis Burch), The Kentucky Headhunters (Greg Martin, Richard Young, Fred Young), Southern Star (Bill Lloyd, Kim Ritchey, Randy Goodman), Government Cheese (Tommy Womack), Kenny Lee Blues Band (Jonell Mosser, Byron House) are only a few examples.
Each year at Christmas, the Jambodians and their friends gather in Bowling Green to give their time and talent to the Son Rhea Foundation's Holiday Bash.
The annual concert is a fund raising and Arts awareness event with non-stop performances crossing all musical boundaries.

For photos and more information about the Son Rhea Foundation, the Jambodians and the CD visit the websites:
All the proceeds from the sale of this CD go to providing musical instruments and other art related needs for children who might otherwise not afford them.

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