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Music Reviews, North America, Kentucky
By Michelle Dee
Kentucky has been hiding a secret. No poultry-pickers, it's not the Colonel's secret recipe. No, it is the diverse collection of Grammy award winners on the Jambodians CD.

I have just been given a copy of this CD to listen to. A thought went through my mind as the first track started; Ah! The Bible belt of America.

Robert Bellah and the civil religion. In God We Trust and the stars and stripes behind it.
I fancy they put the gospel track first to atone for the devilment that comes later!

The second track rocks verily, filled with promises of the American Dream.
Next comes the Jagger-esque Taking Back My Name by The Mighty Jeremiahs.

Then you find yourself in a smoky bar and a girl is telling you of her lost love, Kentucky, followed by a beautiful guitar instrumental with a bluesy feel.

More Blues next - click your fingers, stamp your feet, then rock Led Zep style with Ty Burch.

Rock, Blues and Country sit side by side comfortably and you can't help but marvel at the varied music scene in Kentucky.
Girls with pretty voices and boys with heartfelt words. And all the time the instrumentation is tight.

This collection is so uplifting and features a wealth of musical talent. Boy, do they know how to rock in Kentucky!

After listening to the endless tripe coming out of the British music machine, this gal is packing her bags and moving to Bowling Green, Kentucky!
I may be showing my ignorance here but how did Uilleann Pipes get to Kentucky? They are to my knowledge, a traditional Celtic instrument.

Here they are played by Skip Cleavinger with all the pathos and passion of a true man of Eire. I want to shake him by the hand and not just for having such a great name.
The Jambodians have something for every one. From hard driving rock to lilting country stories and a whole load of blues thrown in for good measure.

Congratulations to the Son Rhea Foundation for supporting this truly original project.

It really is good to hear something exciting coming across that big ole pond instead of the endless diet of rap and R&B Oh, and there's a hoe-down too, what joy! What listening fun!
I fell in love with the Jambodians on the second hearing but my personal favourites are Kentucky Take me Home by Jonell Mosser, I Miss Ronald Reagen by Tommy Womack, Too Sophisticated by Ty Barc and Ode to Billy Joe by Slickrock.




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