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Europe, UK, Poetry - Mermaid By Carol Coiffait
She swam beyond the realms of possibility
Lazed her days away in chilly pride
With such utter equanimity, that the North
Wind blew her back into hot water.
Well, she was her Mother's daughter
In a Pacific, non-specific sort of way
And she craved the lick of an ice-berg

Europe, Poetry - Highway To Hell
by Nicholas Boldock

The highway to Hell is paved over with gold
And the stairway to Heaven is beaten and worn
The soldiers of justice have begun to look old
And the heart of the darkness is crippled and torn


North America, Poetry - Guantanamo
by Lee Cassanell
The Lord is my Shepherd
And I am his Sheep

He keeps me in Chains
And he watches me sleep


Asia, Articles - Michael Standring killed for being a symbol of democracy
by Peter Standring
On the 12th of October I hope that you might to reflect on what the Bali bombing meant to some people. It is tempting for me to try make a point for the many thousands of individuals caught up in this and put it into to some geopolitical context. I have considered it best merely to give an honest, personal perspective.

Africa, Poetry - Mosi Oa Tunya
by Michelle Dee Clark
Smoke that thunders, masking the coming storm
Young men of Chinoyi disappear
Men and women tortured for telling the truth
Tyrannical regime, that's what they fear
And who, are they?

South America, Articles - La Patagonie Argentine
Anne Levy
La plupart d'entre vous le savent, sommes rentrés depuis bientôt trois semaines, avons bien sûr interrompu la canicule.Dès le lendemain de notre arrivée, un violent orage éclatait, il n'avait pas plu depuis 3 mois sur Marseille, la température tomba instantanément de 10 degrés. La presse même accueillit notre retour. Les faiseurs de pluie étaient rentrés, même chez eux, leur don restait intact.
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  Europe, Uk, Poetry
Carol Coiffait
Photographs by
Andy Hogben
  Asia, Iraq, Soccer
Kurdish HASSG Lions and Qandil
Weekly look at this Kurdish and Qandil teams progress.
  Europe, Uk, Music
Riley Band

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