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Africa, Zimbabwe, Articles - Nyaminyami
by Michelle Dee Clark
Man has had designs on the Zambezi River for the last hundred years. In 1914 the flow of the river was measured and just before the Second World War plans were drawn together to start work on a hydro electric scheme in the valley. A huge dam was proposed which would flood the valley forcing the BaTonga tribe, who had lived there for centuries, to lose their homelands. Mechanical monstrosities moved in during 1950.. Read more...

Asia Iraq, Soccer - Sunday League 18th Jan 2004
Kurdish HASSG Lions and Qandil 3 Barrowman FC 3
by Mo with 6 Video AVI's of The Game
It's chilly and frosty at 10 am when I meet up with the lads in Pearson Park awaiting the rest of the HASSG Lions teams arrival. Accepting an offered cigarette I'm told were playing at Orchard Park where we duly set off by car. This week there was a changing room, where the fellows kitted up and listened attentively to Billal's pre game strategy talk. Read more...

Europe, Uk, Interviews - Riley and Emma Rugg by Cilla
In October last year, Hulls most talented female singer/songwriter Emma Rugg accompanied the brilliant West Midlands band Riley on a 5 day visit to Oneonta, Upstate New York. With the backing of Mi5 Recordings mi5recordings.co.uk and in association with BBC Radio Humberside's Raw Talent the British performers were to play in an Mi5/Vines Restaurant Acoustic Concert. Read more...

Europe, UK, Poetry - HERRING GULL
By Carol Coiffait

The wind is an artist. It turns the pages
indicating which words I should use.
The silent blackbird and the loud-mouthed
gull are artists too. They give me words
for movement, for appearances and

Europe, UK, Poetry - Poem For November By Carol Coiffait
In 1914
Austria declared war on Serbia
Germany declared war on Russia
Germany declared war on France
Germany declared war on Belgium
Great Britain and therefore Canada, India,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Newfoundland

Europe, UK, Articles - Bill Hicks By Rich Mills
What is the world? For it is not the planet, that is just a place where the world has found a home. The world is us the people! The human race.. As the song goes.. "We are the world, we are the people." Anyway that is all little more than US-career-boosting-corporate-schmaltz, but does have a certain truth to it. However I'm digressing from my point. Which is actually the now-dead razor-sharp comedian and 'commentator on life'.. Read more...

Sports Football - Sunday League 4th Jan 2004
HASSG Lions and Qandil 6 - Malt Shovel FC 6.
by Mo with 5 Video AVI's of The Game
This week's match produced a bounty of goals for both sides along with a fair share of controversy and terrific spirited action. I met up with the Hassag Lions lads as usual in Pearson Park at 10 am, to be given the news that a Hull Daily Mail journalist and photographer were due to come along and write a piece on them. Read more...

Asia, Iraq, Food - Mixed Roasted Vegetables by Amy
OK guys this is not an Iraqi Recipe, BUT EVERYONE LOVES IT! I give it ***** (five stars) Prep time approx 20-25 minutes. Bake 45 minutes.
Ingredients 1 Eggplant, cut into chunks, 1 each red green and yellow peppers (red/yellow optional), chopped coursely, 1 onion cut into wedges and separated, 2 medium zucchini (or any green squash, or leave out entirely) chopped Read more...

  Europe, Uk, Poetry
Carol Coiffait
Photographs by
Andy Hogben
  Asia, Iraq, Soccer
Kurdish HASSG Lions and Qandil
Weekly look at this Kurdish and Qandil teams progress.
  Europe, Uk, Music
Riley Band

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