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Sports - Soccer
Last Updated: 08/03/2007 12:44:04
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Asia Iraq, Soccer - Sunday League 18th Jan 2004
Kurdish HASSG Lions and Qandil 3 Barrowman FC 3
by Mo with 6 Video AVI's of The Game
It's chilly and frosty at 10 am when I meet up with the lads in Pearson Park awaiting the rest of the HASSG Lions teams arrival. Accepting an offered cigarette I'm told were playing at Orchard Park where we duly set off by car. This week there was a changing room, where the fellows kitted up and listened attentively to Billal's pre game strategy talk. Read more...

Sports Football - Sunday League 11th Jan 2004
HASSG Lions and Qandil and Qandil 4 Orion FC 2.
by Mo with 6 Video AVI's of The Game
The morning arrived with sunshine and the promise of a great day ahead although we left to meet the lads in Pearson Park wrapped up and ready for the worst. Orion FC are top of the League and unbeaten this season, a formidable opponent for the HASSG Lions but the squad's mood was jovial as we hopped in our motors and car-trained our way to the home ground. Read more...

Sports Football - Sunday League 4th Jan 2004
HASSG Lions and Qandil 6 - Malt Shovel FC 6.
by Mo with 5 Video AVI's of The Game
This week's match produced a bounty of goals for both sides along with a fair share of controversy and terrific spirited action. I met up with the Hassag Lions lads as usual in Pearson Park at 10 am, to be given the news that a Hull Daily Mail journalist and photographer were due to come along and write a piece on them. Read more...

Sports - Sunday League 13th Dec 2003
HASSG Lions and Qandil 6 - Spartan B Team 2.
by Mo with 4 Video AVI's of The Game
The Match kicks off just after 11 am, and the Kurdish team waste no time in attacking the Spartan B team. Azad (9) begins his hat trick onslaught by hitting the post in the first minute of play. A second attack sees Azad outpace the Spartan B defence and side steps the keeper to open his account.

Sports - Sunday League 7th Dec 2003
HASSG Lions and Qandil 2 Inter-Beavers AFC 2.
by Mo with Video AVI's of The Game
Having met up with the lads at 10 o'clock this morning and shown them a printout of their team photos, it was smiles all round with the recognition that some of them had seen their first web report. The first thing they told me was they come from northern Iraq and are in fact all Kurds.. Read more...

Sports - Sunday League 30 November 2003
Iraq Refugee's 0 Greenwood FC 1.
by Mo
It's been a few years since I used to drag myself out of bed on a Sunday morning, along with my flatmates to take part in the Sunday league, despite the customary 6 pints followed by a vindaloo and late night movies that typically finish up the Saturday night before. Read more...


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Africa, Poetry - Mosi Oa Tunya
by Michelle Dee Clark
Smoke that thunders, masking the coming storm
Young men of Chinoyi disappear
Men and women tortured for telling the truth
Tyrannical regime, that's what they fear
And who, are they?

South America, Articles - La Patagonie Argentine
Anne Levy
La plupart d'entre vous le savent, sommes rentrés depuis bientôt trois semaines, avons bien sûr interrompu la canicule.Dès le lendemain de notre arrivée, un violent orage éclatait, il n'avait pas plu depuis 3 mois sur Marseille, la température tomba instantanément de 10 degrés. La presse même accueillit notre retour. Les faiseurs de pluie étaient rentrés, même chez eux, leur don restait intact.
Lisez plus...

North America, Articles - My September 11th 2001
Moses Serruya
I'd spent the better part of my working life in Wall Street, having migrated over on the software developer slave trade back in the early 1990's, so Manhattan was in effect my second home, and I had often cause to visit clients in various floors of the nearby twin towers.

North America, Poetry - Guantanamo
by Lee Cassanell
The Lord is my Shepherd
And I am his Sheep

He keeps me in Chains
And he watches me sleep


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Carol Coiffait
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Kurdish HASSG Lions and Qandil
Weekly look at this Kurdish and Qandil teams progress.
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